Human NO protest against flights

Organiser Greenpeace said air traffic contributes to climate change and fuel subsidies should be given to railways.Robin Oakley, head of climate change campaigns for Greenpeace,
cheap fake oakley sunglasses said at the festival that fuel subsidies should be taken from the airlines and given to railways."With better investment in our railways, Plymouth and Newquay could be easily reached through a more sustainable form of transport."No one is going to replace flights to Brazil. It’s not about stopping all flying."It’s about how to meet people’s travel needs in a more sustainable way and expanding airports, particularly for destinations nearby is not going to work for climate change," he said."If railways were made cheaper and more pleasurable to use they would be more full," he added.Mike
fake cheap oakleys Coombes from Air South West, one of the main carriers into Newquay and Plymouth, said increased fuel efficiency of modern aircraft were making air
fake oakleys travel more environmentally friendly.But he said the affects on the environment had to be balanced with the needs of businesses.He said: "Flying
fake oakleys cheap to City Airport is cheaper and quicker than the train."The key thing is that people can have a full business day in London and be back in the early evening."He added
cheap oakleys that holidaymakers were flying to the region from other areas of the UK which was "good news for the regional economy". The BBC is not responsible for the
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